‘’M. Malek Smaoui holds a Diploma in Maritime Transport Engineering from the Ecole de la Marine Marchande in Sousse, Tunisia and a Diploma in Maritime Affairs Administration from the Ecole des Affaires Maritimes in Bordeaux, France. Mr. Smaoui started his professional career in 1985 in Tunisia, in the Merchant Navy at the Ministry of Transport and then at the Ministry of the Environment, where he assumed various responsibilities related to the safety and security of maritime transport, the prevention of marine pollution and the protection of natural and biological resources. He then worked internationally, including 5 years in the private sector, in Senegal, and since October 2015 at the United Nations Environment Programme at the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC) based in Malta.

Within REMPEC, Mr. Smaoui, in his capacity as Programme Officer (OPRC), deals with technical, policy and regional regulatory tasks related to marine environmental protection issues and, in particular, those related to preparedness and response to accidental marine pollution, policy issues concerning regional activities in this field and providing technical assistance and expert advice to the competent national authorities of the Contracting Parties to the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean (Barcelona Convention), among others.

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