Since its inception in 2018 under the presidency of Pascal Lamy, the Forum Mondial de la Mer-Bizerte has become the international must-attend event on the southern shores of the Mediterranean, dedicated to maritime issues. This forum has played a pivotal role in Tunisia, fostering the creation of the Secretariat of Maritime Affairs, the Maritime Cluster, and the launch of the deep-water port of Enfidha. In 2021, it initiated the formation of a "Mediterranean Elected Officials Coalition". Following the 5th edition of the Forum in 2022, the international and national expert group "OCEAN 2050", the first prospective think tank on maritime matters, drafted the "Bizerte Declaration".

The Forum Mondial de la Mer-Bizerte has quickly become a platform for all voices, from Mediterranean coastal countries to the African continent, with Bizerte as its northernmost point. Through their presence at the World Sea Forum in 2021, Prince Albert II of Monaco and numerous global leaders underscored the significance of what we have collectively built on a regional scale.

This year, the 6th edition of Forum Mondial de la Mer-Bizerte, taking place on September 22, 2023, will explore the theme "The Ocean and the Mediterranean in the Age of Boiling" . This edition follows the dramatic heatwave episode of the summer of 2023 and coincides with a critical period, as the Secretary-General of the United Nations recently sounded the alarm on what we can now characterize as the era of climate boiling.

Around forty experts from the prospective think tank "Ocean 2050" will delve into this alarming phenomenon, demanding immediate attention and concrete actions. During this day of intense debates, knowledge sharing, and forward-thinking reflections, the speakers will enlighten participants on the following crucial subjects:

  1. The Ocean in 2050 as we envision it: What are our aspirations for the Ocean in 2050? How can we preserve and shape it for future generations?
  2. The Mediterranean: boiling sea?: Facing environmental and climatic challenges, how will the Mediterranean evolve in the coming decades? What measures must be taken to safeguard it?

Welcome to the Forum Mondial de la Mer-Bizerte: The Ocean and the Mediterranean in the Age of Boiling.

Produced by: La Saison Bleue

Pascal Lamy, President

Rym BENZINA, Director

Mehdi BEN HAJ, General Commissioner of the Forum Mondial de la Mer - Bizerte

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