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The 3rd edition of the festival will kick off on June 26 and 27 in La Marsa, in partnership with the municipality of La Marsa and will continue until mid-September in 6 other coastal cities under the theme “Keep our beaches clean this summer” before resuming in October and November in Tunis and in 4 cities of the South and the interior.

Agenda for La Marsa:
1. Installation of an open-air movie theatre on the seaside with a capacity of 300 seats and full observance of social distancing requirements.
From 20: 30 to 23: 45 – 2 film screenings per evening on environmental themes.

2. From 6pm to 8pm: The Environmental Village on the Grand Boulevard of la Marsa Plageoffers activities for the general public 

– Puppet theatre and a workshop for making puppets from recycled plastic products for children aged 5 to 10.

– playground for 11-16 year olds to explain the sorting and recycling of plastic in partnership with Tunisia Recycling.

– Upcycling workshop for women: “From sorting to creation”. Sale of objects created by disadvantaged women trained to develop a creative and sustainable activity based onrecyclable and reusable materials.

– Photobooth Spa/Rac UN Environment on marine biodiversity

3. Space for the associations working in the field of the environment.

4. Outdoor photo exhibition on the outer fence of the Essaada Palace – 25 giant photos on the Mediterranean seabed in partnership with Spa/Rac UN Environment

Season calendar
15-16 Envirofest Bizerte at the Old Port  
24-25 Envirofest Monastir on the Corniche

7-8 Envirofest Djerba in Houmet Souk 
21-22 Envirofest Mahdia on the Coast Road

5-6 Haouaria / 18-19 Sfax

The Cité de la Culture of Tunis with the Tunisian film library
Envirofest Gabès / Envirofest Redayef

Envirofest Makthar / Envirofest Tozeur

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