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HUNGRY SEAGULL by Leon Wang  (2019)

Synopsis: On an island not far from the mainland, the young father seagull is anxiously guarding the new born gulls by the nest and awaiting the return of the mother seagull. The mother seagull has given up everything she has, but the baby seagull is still hungry. The father seagull had flown away in search of more food…The main diet of black-tailed gulls is pelagic fish in the sea, molluscs and aquatic insects in coastal wetlands and estuaries. However, with the overfishing of offshore fish and the pollution of the marine environment, seagulls can catch fewer and fewer small fish in the upper layer.

Running time: 06:00 minutes

Available media: ALL

Available subtitles: No dialogue

Link: (password: hs1234)

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